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TravelForLife: list of partners.

"Otdyh ot A do Ya" (Rest from A to Z)
Magazine and catalogue about tourism and for tourists. Everyone has the right for rest!
Ph.+7(812)570-64-58, 570-67-22, 570-67-32

“Tourizm: practica, problemy, perspectivy” professional review(Moscow, Russia)
“Tourizm: practica, problemy, perspectivy” review is the oldest and leading scientific and applied review of the modern touristic industry. Its independent on financial groups and governmental structures.

Vsemirnyi Sledopyt (St. Petersburg, Russia)
“Vsemirnyi Sledopyt” is a review on travels and travelers life. Stories, events and interesting subjects are introduced through the stories about famous people. It also tells about last touristic trends and most popular countries.

«Association of St. Petersburg mini hotels» (St. Petersburg)
«Association of St. Petersburg mini hotels» - is a non-profit organization created for the professional support and protection the interests of St. Petersburg mini hotels. The Association was founded on the initiative of the Foreign Relations Committee of St. Petersburg and the Business Development Centre with the participation of the European Commission. The mission of the Association – is to be a «voice» of mini hotel industry in St. Petersburg.

International annual award "Leaders of touristic industry 2009" (Moscow, Russia)
The competition involves all stakeholders tourist market:
tour operators, travel agents, insurance companies, spa resorts, hotels, restaurants, tourism authorities,
national tourism offices, educational institutions, professional media, advertising and news agencies

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100 Дорог. Русский туристический сервер В ОТПУСК.РУ - сервер о туризме: туры, горящие путевки, описание отелей, отзывы об отелях, билеты, расписание поездов, погода на курортах, информация о странах Еврокаталог - справочник русских фирм и сервисов Европы RedTram – новостная поисковая система vietnamui – Все о Вьетнаме. Полный справочник для путешественников Горнолыжно-сноубордический портал SKI.RU Тропические экспедиции. Путешествия по островам, побережьям, джунглям. Бесплатные объявления ASIA TOURS & HOTELS Travel Directory

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