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TravelForLife: Client services.

“A-Rena” Advertising Agency services

Placing information at TravelForLife site: banners, tables, news, articles, video presentations, special offers, etc. starting from ˆ50  
(The price list is sent at your request)

Call for details: +7 (812) 918-88-10, +7 (812) 441-29-54

Additional services

1. Consulting and planning advertising campaigns – from ˆ 500

2. Translation to/from Russian – from ˆ20  per 1,800 characters. Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and others.

3. Video presentations production – from ˆ500.

4. Site creation.

5. Web-site pages optimization.

6. Advertising through Yandex Direct system.

(The price list is accounted and sent at your request)

7. Call for details: +7 (812) 918-88-10, +7 (812) 441-29-54
Project Leader – Renata Avdeeva
ICQ: 475-260-297

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